Double Tap

Two in the chest & two between the eyes.

We are in the Zombie killing business....and business is good!

At this point you are seeing a stage 3 Active Zombie. You know what needs to be done.

It gets up and kills.

The people it kills get up and kill.

Are you prepared for the zombie invasion?

Ground zero for Zombie Massacre.

I told them to run......they did not listen. Now they cannot run.


2014 Haunted Infirmary Updates

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Correct Phone Number

The phone number for Haunted Infirmary and Pollak Hospital is




Haunted Infirmary at Bartonville Asylum

We are extremely pleased to announce that the 2012 Haunted Infirmary tied for number 13 on the Chicago Haunted House Review TOP 13

Official Top 13

In it’s first year, the Haunted Infirmary was voted number 11 of the Haunted House Chicago’s TOP 13.

2011 New Haunted House of the Year

The Haunted Infirmary was voted the New Haunted House of the Year by Haunted House Chicago review team.